"Pork pie workshops? THIS IS WHY WE'RE HERE!"
(Chris Evans, BBC Radio2).

As featured in The Guardian as one of the UK's best foodie courses

Pork pie independence

Ever fancied making your own pork pies or know someone who'd love to? We can take the mystery out of making really good hot water crust pastry. We've got together with our long time friend, Dr Tim Kinnaird (you may well recognise him as a past BBC Masterchef finalist and now a frequent judge) who runs the wonderful Macarons and More Pâtisserie in Norwich. 

 Tim Kinnaird presenting us with a very small Eiffel Tower after a Parisian holiday

Tim Kinnaird presenting us with a very small Eiffel Tower after a Parisian holiday

the best Pork Pie and Sausage Roll Cookery Course - taught by the experts

Sarah will show you how to make your own pork pies and Tim, or one of his team of pâtissière, will teach you to make puff pastry with ease so that you can make your own sausage rolls. We'll be based at the beautifully equipped Macarons & More production kitchen on Drayton Road in Norwich (just off the ring road), where Tim has a fabulous dedicated cookery school area.  

Sarah is very experienced as a pork pie teacher, she even taught the Army's Officer's Mess chefs on one memorable occasion. You'll gain new pastry skill and have lots of fun too. As well as having a delicious lunch whilst your pies cook, you'll get to take all your own baked pies and sausage rolls home with you.

For more detail, and to help decide if a pie course is right for you, have a look at Sarah's blog here.

Tim also sells pie course gift vouchers.

2018 Pork Pie Cookery Course Dates

The Pork & Pastry courses always sell out - so best to book promptly!

January 13th 2018 *Sold out*
February 10th 2018 *Sold out*
28th April 2018 *Sold out*
20th October 2018 *Sold out*
10th November 2018 *Sold out*

2019 Pork Pie Cookery Course Dates

January 26th 2019
February 23rd 2019
April 13th 2019
September 21st 2019
October 19th 2019