Did you know that you can freeze our cooked pies very successfully*? In fact one of our delightful wedding pie couples froze some and had it at the Christening of their firstborn (this meant freezing it for a bit longer then the recommended six months but last time we saw them they looked very healthy!)

There’s a cunning trick to defrosting them though….

Put the pie(s) in the freezer in a plastic bag or box and freeze as normal (they will be fine for six months). The clever bit is to leave them in the plastic bag or box whilst you defrost them.

The science behind this is that natural condensation from the atmosphere (probably your kitchen in this case) is attracted to cold surfaces. So you’ll find that, as it defrosts, the outside of the bag or box becomes quite wet but the pie inside is protected from the pesky condensation and will remain as it was when it went into the freezer. If you did expose the pie whilst it’s very cold the condensation would gather on the pastry instead and make it soggy. 

Once it’s nicely up to fridge or room temperature you can take it out of the bag – it won’t be a condensation magnet any more!

Taa daa! And, in fact, this is a good approach to defrosting anything that you don’t want to get soggy. Clever eh?

*(It’s always best to double check with the outlet you’ve bought them from, in case they already have!)