The South. Pies sell out fast at all our stockists, so it's always worth giving them a call first if you're making a special journey...

POrk Pies in Hampshire

The Hawkley Inn, Near Liss, Twitter @thehawkleyinn

POrk Pies in Surrey

Ex CellarSurbiton

POrk Pies in Oxfordshire

The Deli at No. 5, Thame Oxon Twitter @TheDeliatNo5

Blake's Kitchen, Clanfield Oxon Twitter @blakesfood

Loaf at Blake's Kitchen

Loaf at Blake's Kitchen

Pork Pies in Wiltshire

The Bridge Inn, Upper Woodford, Salisbury SP4 6NU


POrk pies in Sussex

The Middle HouseMayfield, Sussex

Field & ForrestLindfield, Sussex