You may have seen our unusually tasty, bespoke, hand made, wedding pork pies in Country Living magazine and The Telegraph or, more recently, on the Morton's Events wedding blog. They make a stunning centrepiece and you've got the buffet right there. Every tier can be a different flavour, with up to four layers. Chilli, Naked (traditional) Wiveton (lemon, parsley and garlic), Chorizo …  the details are entirely up to you.


We've made them for weddings ranging from castles to village halls and grand London hotels.

A four tiered wedding Pork Pie - a speciality of Brays Cottage Pork Pies

WEDDING PIEs aren't just for weddings... 

A single big Bray's Cottage Pork Pie, with lettering, can also make an amazing centrepiece for parties such as big birthday, christening or anniversary celebration. There are certain limitations as to how many letters we can fit on the pie, but we like to be creative. Let us know what message you want and we can work it out with you. 

YOUR WEDDING PIES CAN be couriered throughout the UK

You can chose to have the tiers in any combination of classic Onion Marmalade pork pie, Sweet Chilli, Naked (traditional), Chorizo or Wiveton (lemon, parsley and garlic). They're all delicious. We’ll send your wedding pie in chilled packaging, overnight by courier to the venue, usually the day before the wedding. We leave the decoration to you so that you, your caterer or that friend with an eye for design, can decorate it to fit beautifully with the theme of the wedding. 

Guide price per tier is:

7.5 inch            £55
9 inch               £85
11 inch             £140
14 inch             £175

(plus £10 to £20 delivery by overnight courier). 

We can advise on the sort of size you need for the number of guests that you're expecting. 


So, you'll really need to get your date in to us as soon as possible, and then we can put it in our diary. If you aren't sure of all the details now we can fine-tune them as we go along. There'll be plenty of communication and we can help you plan, if you need a bit of support. We've been making wedding pies since 2008, so have helped work out most of the questions by now.

Why only one a week? Because this is your special day, so we think that you need our full attention. This form is the next step - simply drop us a few details, and we'll get back to you and start to help you organise the finer details. 

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