White House Farm Pick Your Own, Sprowston, Norwich

Pies down on the farm

This board - it sums The White House Farm up so well.

Friendly, and just on the right side of quirky and fun. A bit of trendy grey and rust, but it was lying around anyway, rather than tracked down somewhere in Putney* ("...bash that bit from the tractor shed out flat and drill some holes in it would you? I can use that.").  White House is unique in Norwich, a real working farm, with a young, keen family, that feels like it's in the heart of the country. But head back down the (long!) track and you're back in the 'burbs.

As always, check with them that the pies are in stock before making a special journey. They sell out fast!

Here's their video - nice shot of our pies!

*Putney? No I've no idea where that came from either. Do they have the sort of shops that sell nicely rusted agricultural metal for signs in Putney? I imagine so. But do let me know if not.

It might be a niche opportunity...