Is a pork pie course right for me?

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Everyone naturally has a few concerns, whether you're buying a cookery course for yourself or as gift for someone else. So I thought I'd write a blog post to lead you through everything so that you can be quite sure. I even asked on social media what people's fears might be and they're all covered here.

Honestly. There's nothing to be worried about - it's all very un-scary.

The cookery school is run by ex hospital consultant and now pâtissier (which means he has a gorgeous cake shop) Dr Tim Kinnaird. Tim and I have been good friends for a long time and we're keen that people have fun whilst they're with us, as well as learning a new tecnique or two to take back to your own kitchen.

You are in very safe hands, Tim and I know that pork pies are probably a new skill, but we make it all surprisingly easy. And we'll teach you how to make puff pastry as a bonus.  

Who comes?


The attendees are pretty equally men and women. People do come with friends, or partners, but most are having a day out on their own.

We kit you out with an apron and you start off with coffee and ridiculously delicious cake in Tim's reception room, with its comfy squishy red sofas, and it all gets nicely chatty from the start. Frankly, by lunchtime we find there's no getting a word in!

If you've got any concerns about any physical issues you've got and how you'd deal with them in the class, give Tim a call before you book and you can chat them through.

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There'll be a maximum of eight people and Tim and I are always with you, helping as you put into practice the things we show you. 

There's always a range of cookery experience in the room, from beginners to quite experienced home cooks. Some will have signed up for themselves and others will have been given the course as a present. Often there's an "old hand" who's previously done one of Tim's sweet baking courses and enjoyed it and fancied a foray into savoury. 

A cookery school? What does that mean?

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Tim's cookery school is at his production kitchen on the Norwich ring road so it's very easy to find, even for the geographically challenged like me, and there's plenty of parking (and a train station and airport). We've had people come from all over the country, and being in the city there's a wide range of hotel and B&B accommodation if you need it.

It starts at 9.30 (we like you to be there a little early) and finishes around 1, to 1.30. 

In the cookery school area a horse-shoe of eight work surfaces, like  domestic kitchen, each with its own oven and Tim and I stand at the front explaining and doing each bit so everyone can see what we're doing. 

All the equipment that you need is there and you'll get given pre-weighed ingredients, so you just have to concentrate on learning what to do with it and producing lovely pies and sausage rolls. Everyone works at the same pace, you do it step by step, and we're always by your elbow cheering you on or are happy to get hands-on helping you with any fiddly bits.

Best of all, one of Tim's team whisks away all the washing up!

We have regular breaks for a drink and (more) cake, and then, whilst your pies and sausage rolls are in the oven, with the team overseeing them for you, you get to relax and Tim serves a DELICIOUS lunch.

As the pies and sausage rolls come out of the oven there's always lots of congratulatory cooing and "Did I make that?".

Will I be able to do it?


We've had all sorts of people and everyone always proudly takes home the lovely box of pork pies and puff pastry sausage rolls that they've made. Plus a huge dollop of confidence and satisfaction.

So whether you're thinking of coming along yourself or buying it as the best Christmas present for someone - go for it! We'll see you there!